Microdosing is an experimental process based around taking very minuscule amounts of a substance on a set schedule. Ingesting a substance in this way helps to maintain its effects on a smaller scale. While microdosing is largely associated with the use of psychedelics like mushrooms, LSD, and marijuana, the medical community has begun to recognize the benefits of microdosing with CBD. This method can be especially helpful if you're trying CBD for the first time, as it will allow you to better understand how different types affect your body and performance. Broad spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolates may all provide different effects. Edibles, vapes, capsules, and tinctures will change the way you experience CBD as well. 

Because CBD boasts a host of therapeutic effects with regular usage, microdosing might not be the best option as a long-term solution, as it most likely will not give off those same effects. However, establishing a micro dosing schedule for 2-5 days can help you understand the way your body reacts to CBD. It can also provide those with CBD experience a reset. This way, if their bodies have developed a tolerance over time, they can return to their personal therapeutic dosing range.

Microdose with tincture
Tinctures will be your most customizable option for creating your microdosing experience. To microdose a tincture, it’s important to find out how many drops are in one ml (milliliter) of oil to determine the strength of each drop. Because CBD comes in many different concentrations and dosing amounts, you'll want to check the information on your particular product. 

Microdoses should be less than a full dropper's worth of oil - we suggest beginning with less than 5g-10g - taken every one or two hours. This allows you time to feel the effects build and assess the best amount for you. Be sure to choose a time to microdose where there are no extra distractions like driving, so you can completely evaluate how you feel. CBD could make you feel drowsy, so it is important not to operate a vehicle or machinery until you are fully aware of how it affects you.

Opting for products with a lower CBD concentration - like Bloom Farms' 300mg Balance CBD Tincture - will help when microdosing, especially as a beginner. For reference, 300mg bottles carry 2.5 mg CBD per 1/4 ml. Our comprehensive dosing guide will help you and your sweet spot when it comes to dosage, regardless of which CBD tincture you've chosen.

Microdose by vaping
Smoking CBD is also a great way to work microdosing into your schedule. With a vape pen, you can easily control the amount of intake. It's also a convenient way to microdose, as a vape pen can travel with you almost anywhere.

Microdose with edibles
Edibles in the form of a gummy is a popular way to ingest CBD and microdosing can be an easy way to find your perfect dosage.

For example, BKLYN CBD carries hand-crafted CBD gummies in blueberry and apple flavors. While each gummy holds an impressive 20mg of CBD, their square shape makes them much easier to divide into quarters, and possibly even sixths. This way you are getting less than the recommended 5g-10g of CBD per dose. Or try a sample size of the High Falls Hemp CBD & Terpene Pomegranate Gummies. With just four 100mg pieces, this is the perfect option to try out microdosing for the first time.

While microdosing with CBD isn't proven to boost serotonin levels like its psychedelic counterparts, there is ample research to suggest that it may affect your brain's chemical response to existing serotonin in your body. Regular usage of CBD produces overarching anti-inflammatory effects, and has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in test subjects. 

If you've tried microdosing and you're ready to take your CBD usage to the next level, consider these hacks for exercise and recovery.

May 12, 2021 — Meredith Schneider