These days, trying to get enough sleep seems like a no win-situation. Does your circadian rhythm feel off because of your daily stressors? Since the fall and winter months bring less daylight, a crucial element to balancing serotonin levels in the body, this can greatly affect a person’s emotions, not to mention, their sleep pattern. So whether you’re helping your kids with remote learning or juggling your daily Zoom meetings, we’ve got some CBD-infused favorites that’ll help to bring your stress level down and get you to snooze a bit easier. 

If your nightly routine includes winding down with a good show on Netflix or Hulu, add a few drops of Prismatic Good Night to help lull you to sleep. This bestseller combines the power of CBD and CBN in a formula that naturally promotes restful benefits along with valerian root and California poppy. Another favorite is Kiskanu Hemp’s CBD Botanical Night Drops. A blend of lavender, broad spectrum hemp, calendula, comfrey, and chamomile mixed with cold-pressed, natural oils helps to promote a sense of calm before you fall asleep.

For those who are looking to add some seasonal flavor to their nightly CBD ritual, Moon Mother Hemp’s Holiday Tincture Sampler Kit includes three 1oz, 1000mg bottles of full-spectrum CBD hemp oil for the price of two. The peppermint and cinnamon tinctures add a tasty holiday-inspired flavor boost alongside a hot chocolate or cup of tea on cold winter nights, along with improving your sleep pattern. Another way to unwind is with a relaxing, sleep-enhancing CBD-infused soak with Simon Wolff’s The Chiller, or their Bath Ba-Bombs Triple Set, which boasts all three of the brand’s bath bombs. 

Since the most productive days start with a good night’s sleep, CBD can play a crucial role in promoting the rest you need to achieve balance in your every day. 
December 02, 2020 — Meredith Schneider