Sexual Wellness

Perhaps a more taboo topic on all fronts, sexual wellness is something we are all keen on getting right. The past few months may have provided you more time to get to know your body, and if it hasn’t necessarily reached that point yet, you owe it to yourself to find the means to do that--and we’re happy to help.

Sexual Wellness products have absolutely exploded in the CBD world as of late, and there are so many incredible options to choose from. There’s no questioning why either, as cannabinoids have been proven to reduce pain during intercourse, lower inhibitions and calm the mind, and improve sensation. (Helloooooo orgasm!) With our health prioritized and luxurious experience in mind, we’ve curated a nice array of options to keep you and your partner -- be it human or battery-powered -- in tip-top shape in the bedroom.

Use Kiskanu CBD Intimacy Oil to heighten the experience. Sprinkle some flower petals, light some candles, and invite your partner into the tub with you for the evening. Simon Wolff’s Bath Ba-Bomb Triple Treat CBD-infused bath bombs will help you to create a sexy ambiance as well. Use both as an extension to your spa day, or sprinkle some flower petals, light some candles, and invite your partner into the tub with you for the evening.

If you’re taking a rendezvous to the next level, HighOnLove’s Massage Oil in Lychee Martini, Decadent White Chocolate, and Strawberries & Champagne provides an additional cruelty-free experience. All ingredients are vegan food-grade, so you might be able to do a few taste tests off your partner if you’re feeling frisky. 

These products are simply known to decrease instances of pain and amplify sensation in erogenous zones, which sounds like a notable cause on our end. Couple and pleasure-enhancing products in our marketplace with QUIM’S Happy Clam Everyday Oil -- a CBD-infused formula that helps to maintain balance and moisture for your lady parts -- and you’ll be feeling like a queen down there regardless of what’s going on in your universe. 

November 16, 2020 — Meredith Schneider